Astrology plays a significant role in every human beings life, as this is the study of effect of planets on our body, soul and mind. Every individual has a unique horoscope, which has houses representing different aspects of life and different planets are placed in these houses based of planetary position during the birth of that individual.

When a kid is born the planetary position at that particular day and time at that particular place in the sky helps us to cast the horoscope of that person, which in turn helps us to analyze different aspect of that person life as below

  • Horoscope Casting
    • Horoscope made by us are handmade (not automated computer based) with general prediction of different aspects of life.

Please note it may take minimum of 15 days to maximum of 45 days for the same to   reach you through courier. Fees once paid is not refundable.

  • Love, Relationship, Match Making, Child Issues
    • Concerns related to Love, Relationship, Match Making, Child Issues involve two individual (Girl – Boy, Husband – Wife) and require to study both the partners birth details for accurate analysis and predictions.
  • Marriage, Mangal  Dosha
    • Delay in marriage or not finding the good match can be your concern. Do you want to know if Mangal Dosha in the horoscope is creating issues and the remedies for the same.
  • Black Magic / Tantra Mantra/ Nazar Dosh
    • Sudden losses/ illness, unnatural deaths in family, working hard but no result, circumstances have changed suddenly, doing different remedies but no result. Know the reason and remedies to safe guard yourself from evil, remove Black Magic / Tantra Mantra/ Nazar Dosh
  • Finance, Money, Loan
    • Facing problem related to money, savings. Too much loan and not able to repay. Having financial instability. Know how to increase income source, reason behind unexpected expenses, remedies to overcome financial difficulties.
  • Education, Career, Foreign Travel/Settlement

Are you a worried parent of a teenage kid(s), who is not too good in studies, doesn’t take studies seriously, have low concentration, scoring poor marks/ grades in school. Nothing to worry, we have answers to all your queries with proper reasoning and solution too, for all your problems related to studies and career of your kid.

Or, Are you a teenage kid yourself, surfing net and curious to know the reason behind not able to concentrate, low memory power and solution to score good results to impress peers, teacher and parents too. Nothing to worry, we have answers to all your queries with proper reasoning and solution too. Ask your parents to book the appointment for you.

  • Job, Business, Promotion, Increment
    • Not able to decide to go for Job or Business. Facing problem in getting job. Concerned about Business growth, delayed promotion and increment. Know what suits you, Job or Business. The best suitable field for Job/ Business. How to get due promotion and increment.
  • Health, Wellbeing
    • Fed up of long illness, Concerned about your health, regular illness, sudden accidents and overall wellbeing. Not to worry, we have answers to all your queries with proper reasoning and solution too.
  • Litigation, Court Case, Property Concerns
    • Having legal litigation, court case(s), property dispute, get your appointment booked for details horoscope analysis to know the remedies, reason and future prediction of outcome